Health Minister

Honorable Lino Tom, MP
Minister Health and HIV/AIDS

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The Government of Papua New Guinea is committed to achieving two major health objectives which are; to provide accessible quality primary health care services and to achieve internationally acceptable standard of health services for all Papua New Guineans as clearly set out in the MTDP III 2018-2022 and PNGDSP 2010-2030. This is also in line with the Government’s focus on taking back PNG and in doing so, improve the health of our people.

As the Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, I have given clear directions to our health leaders that our focus is on ensuring there is proper accessibility to quality primary health care services for all to enjoy as outlined in the PNG National Health Plan 2021 -2030 and its approach to village with the theme, living no one behind. Further, I want to see improvement in the delivery of secondary and tertiary health services in line with our strategic objective in PNGDSP 2010-2030 to ensure our health services are of acceptable international standard. This Corporate Plan 2022-2026 therefore sets the roadmap for NDoH to review effectiveness of its role as the lead sector agency over the last ten years and make amends to ensure the new National Health Plan 2021-2030 will deliver on the set KRAs. The National Department of Health plays the lead coordinating agency role in achieving those KRAs and under my guidance, NDoH is expected to provide effective leadership, advocacy and coordination for the health sector by firstly transforming itself in order to provide effective leadership for the sector. I view this Corporate Plan 2022-2024 as a transformation guide to transform the Department into an organization of excellence that will effectively lead the sector in delivering on the five KRAs of the National Health Plan 2021-2030.

I want the Department to lead the sector transformation through innovative approaches supporting primary, secondary and tertiary health care, health system strengthening and good governance. Advocating strong partnerships with service delivery agencies and other government bodies will be critical to achieving our goals. The Christian Health Services, Development Partners, Private Providers and Provincial Health Authorities (PHAs) are essential partners in strengthening and delivering health services. They enable PNG to leverage the limited resources we have, while bringing international and home-grown expertise together to solve the many complex health challenges we face.

The community remains at the center of our daily focus. We will continue to pursue, coordinate and ensure more access to quality primary health services and internationally acceptable standard of health services for all people in our country.

Honorable Lino Tom, MP, Minister for Health & HIV/AIDS


The National Control Centre now announces a further two cases in Port Moresby.

Case#18 and Case#19 add to the number of Health care workers confirmed with COVID-19.

Case#18, is 53 year old male with no history of travel. He was experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath and was testted via GeneXpert. Case 18 has known respiratory illness and is currently experiencing respiratory distress being monitored by our team.

Case #19 is a year old male who works as a medical officer. He experienced fever and presented for testing. He also confirmed via GeneXpert.

Dr Paison Dakulala Deputy Controller at the National Control Centre commented, " Our targeted tested strategy has given us more efficient use of our resources. Rather than casting a wide net with testing, we are focused on testing symptomatic patients and pre-triaging is the key.

Thinking holistically, my concern is the most recent cases over thw past 5 days have been health care workers. Health care workers have a culture of seeking medical attention when they are experiencing illness.

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