Mission & Vision

Our Vision

A healthy and prosperous nation that upholds human rights and our Christian and traditional values, and ensures affordable, accessible, equitable and quality health services for all citizens through the health aervice chain.

Our Mission

Improve, transform, and provide quality health services through innovative approaches supporting primary health care and health system development, and good governance at all levels.

Our Values

The Department's values are those clear and important beliefs, ethics, attitudes and work culture, that staff are encouraged to apply and demonstrate in all aspects of their working lives which include:

  • Professional Leadership with direction, loyalty and moral courage
  • Individual competence and accountability
  • Decisions based on the highest levels of integrity and honesty.
  • Cohesive team work, which is outcome oriented and innovativ

Our Goals

Strengthened primary health care for all, and improved service delivery for the rural majority and urban disadvantaged.