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Papua New Guinea National Department of Health is at Wewak E.S.P
A baby sleeps calmly at the comfort of his grandmother's back while a #polio worker checks his fingermark as proof of his #polio vaccination. We monitor our campaign to make sure #no child is missed.

Papua New Guinea National Department of Health is at Kambaramba in Angoram District E.S.P.
#Polio vaccination in a floating village of Kambaramba in Angoram District, East Sepik Province. Polio workers in PNG innovate to ensure #nochildisleftbehind because #VaccinesWork and #savelives.

Papua New Guinea National Department of Health is in Wirui Wewak East Sepik Province
As Catholics start Lent today, Palm Sunday, #polio vaccination teams wait for those who came from church to receive the polio vaccine for children under 5 years old. Monitoring is also done to ensure #nochildismissed and #nooneisleftbehind.
UNICEF Papua New Guinea, WHO Papua New Guinea, Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea, Rotary International, Rotaryd9220-EndPolioNow

Papua New Guinea National Department of Health is at New Ireland Province.
Matilda Noah does not want her 1-year old daughter Opinya to get polio. She is one of the mothers waiting for her turn to get her child vaccinated in an outreach post in Kavieng Market. While she waits, she wants to read more on what the disease can do to children. Be like Matilda, vaccinate your children and together we #endpolio in #PapuaNewGuinea
UNICEF, UNICEF Papua New Guinea, WHO Papua New Guinea, Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea, Rotary International — at New Ireland Province.UNICEF, UNICEF Papua New Guinea, WHO Papua New Guinea, Australian High Commission Papua New Guinea, Rotary International.

Papua New Guinea National Department of Health is in Kavieng, New Ireland
A new round of #polio vaccination started this April in most provinces of #PNG. This time, the campaign is for children under 5 years old, and supplemented with Vitamin A.
Today, vaccinators of New Ireland Province started at Kulangit Early Childhood Development Center in Kavieng. Kids thanked their polio heroes after they received polio vaccine and Vitamin A. — in Kavieng, New Ireland.


Papua New Guinea National Department of Health
15 "disease hunters" make up the 2019 cohort of FETP — with Dapeng Luo and 5 others in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Papua New Guinea National Department of Health, with support from World Health Organization, started today the training of 15 public health experts that compose the 2019 cohort of the PNG field epidemiology training programme (FETP). The 2-week training is just the first phase where students will undergo comprehensive mentoring on basic epidemiology, public health surveillance and outbreak responses. Phases 2 & 3 are planned for August and November respectively

Papua New Guinea National Department of Health
WORK is underway for an agreement to be signed for Papua New Guinea and Indonesia to work more closely on medical science and health related programs.
Despite sharing a common border, there is currently no technical agreement between the two countries apart from the Bilateral Agreement.
A daft technical Memorandum of Understanding to be signed between Ministers of Health of the two countries was deliberated at the recent Cross Border Meeting on Polio Outbreak Vigilance in Jayapura. The meeting held at the Grant Allison Hotel, Sentani, Jayapura, was attended by Health Secretary Pascoe Kase and five other members of the PNG team, including Dr Goa Tau, Executive Manager, Medical Standards; Ken Wai, Executive Manager, Strategic Policy Division, two officers from the Department of Health public health division. Chairman and CEO of Sandaun Provincial Health Authority also attended.
The Indonesian team was led by Dr Anung Sugihantono, Director General Disease Prevention and Control, Ministry of Health- Indonesia was the chair. He was supported by 31 officials from Health Indonesia and three officials from the World Health Organisation office in Jakarta.
Apart from presentations and discussions on the Polio outbreak in PNG and global aspects of Polio outbreak vigilance and control, the meeting also went through the draft MoU that was initially exchanged between Port Moresby and Jakarta well before the meeting.
The meeting studied the draft agreement and considered it as an important document to bring the two nations to collaborate closely to meet the health needs of their citizens. The main objectives agreed in the draft MoU are to promote mutual cooperation in the common interest areas of:

  • Public Health
  • Development and Empowerment of Human Resources for Health
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices
  • Disease Control and Prevention
  • Development and Strengthening of Health Services
The PNG team was also taken on tour of a few health facilities in Jayapura.
Mr. Kase said PNG has a lot to learn from Indonesia which has a huge population of 280 million and yet it is able to sustain and provide for its citizens.
"There is so much we can learn from each other to improve the health of our people. More of such meetings should be conducted in the future to strengthen this relation between the two closest neighbours,'' he said.
The first Cross Border Meeting on Polio Outbreak in PNG and Vigilance was held in Port Moresby on September 13 last year. In this meeting the Indonesian team also presented what they were doing in their three border provinces to prevent the polio virus from spreading into Indonesia.
Both teams agreed that there is a need to cement the discussions and further actions along the border through a technical cooperation agreement.
Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS of PNG and his Indonesian counterpart have endorsed the technical cooperation agreement which will be signed at the 72nd World Health Assembly in Geneva to be held from May 27 – 28 this year.
A submission seeking the Cabinet approval for the signing will be made before the signing at the World Health Assembly.