Health Secretary

Mr. Pascoe Kase, Health Secretary, Department of Health, Papua New Guinea

Mr. Kase is the current Health Secretary of Papua New Guinea. He was appointed Secretary in 2010. He is a lawyer by background and attains a Master in Public Policy from the University of NSW, Australia. Mr. Kase has been involved with Papua New Guinea's Department of Health for much of his career including a prior position as the Principal Legal Advisor, then Director of Policy and Planning and Deputy Secretary, Policy and Administration.

During his time as Secretary, he has been dedicated to growing the health systems capacity of Papua New Guinea to delivery on its mandate. One success has been increasing the medicine availability throughout the rural facilities. In addition, he has authored publications on expenditure prioritization in the country, developed reforms initiatives in the country's health system including new policies and regulations.

Mr. Kase continues to strive for a quality health service delivery system within Papua New Guinea, particularly within the rural areas, which remain a disadvantage due to the lack of infrastructure. In his position as the Secretary for Health, negotiations become the platform for influential discussions on how best the health sector ought to be financed, better managed, and monitored.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the PNG Health Sector Wide Approach and active engagement of Development Partners and Non-Government Partners in Policy Dialogue and Service Delivery, especially Church Health Services.

With a broad spectrum of legal knowledge combined with his passion for health, Mr. Kase has represented Papua New Guinea in numerous international meetings, which provides him a global perspective on the international standards and requirements that Papua New Guinea as the largest island within the South Pacific needs to meet, particularly in the area of "health service delivery".