Health Alert
  • Antibiotics are losing their power. Because of misuse.

  • Before using antibiotics.Think twice.

Health Policy
  • Code of Environmental Practice

  • National Cancer Control Policy 2015

  • Tobacco Control Policy 2015

  • Infant & Young Child Feeding Policy 2014

  • National Youth and Adolescents Health Policy 2014

  • PNG's Multi-sectoral National Nutrition Policy 2018

Health related Conferences
  • Medical Symposium

  • 03rd-07th September

  • Western Pacific Regional

  • 8th-12th October

  • National Health Week

  • 6th-10th August

Public Health Days for Observance
  • National Tooth Brushing Day 30th July

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It gives me great pleasure in welcoming you to our National Department Of Health website this year 2018.

The Website is a initiative by the Information Communication & Technology Branch in line to the Government's directive to streamline delivery of better health services to the rural majority and the urban poor.

The Health Department is faced with alot of challenges in many areas of health and one important area is health information and communication awareness materials aimed at prevention of common diseases prevalent in our communities, schools and villages.

Our HIV & Aids programs, Malaria, TB, Immunisation, Diarrhoea and Dehydration, Anaemia, and other priority areas need to be addressed and this is one way that we feel will help us contain and or treat these diseases that are rising dramatically in the country.

It is a priviledge to have you on board our website and I hope that you will enjoy our site and continue to do so as we journey on the path for better health in our homes and towns.

Health Minister Hon Sir Dr Puka Temu



National Tooth Brushing Day 30th July


World Mental Health Day 10th October

Global Hand Wash Day 15th October

No Betel Chewing Day 25th October